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Hi this is Courtney, Country girl Courtney that is. I am a busty, curvy brunette, i would say i am 5 FT 8" in height, legs tall and toned. I like to play naughty but I can be innocent and nice. Give me a call on agent number 7295



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Courtney’s Comments

For: Courtney 2 months ago

Hello Courtney! I do apologies for being cut off in our conversation ,as my batteries went dead.Richard.

For: Courtney 4 months ago

Hi babe do you have fun with women? I'm a horny girl wanting to cum, Gorgia xxx

For: Courtney 4 months ago

Courtney can I lick your sweet pussy xx mikey xx

For: Courtney 7 months ago

Sexy Courtney let me slip my big hard cock deep in you xx mikey xx

For: Courtney 9 months ago

Sexy slut filthy respectful amazing dirty 🍏🍎🍊🍐🏅😜

For: Courtney 1 year ago

A very sexy beautiful lady. Dean the Welshman xx

For: Courtney 1 year ago

Hi, could i call U4 gay humiliation, i love to be laughed at for loving men, I'm a sissy faggot queer boy , Love Gay Danny 🧚"â™€ï¸ðŸŒˆðŸ‘¬

For: Courtney 1 year ago

God I want to fuck your big tits, G.

For: Courtney 1 year ago

wen can ifuckro pussy hard james

For: Courtney 1 year ago

Hi, was so horny hearing you cum today, you have such a sexy voice. Look forward to chatting to you again very soon. Can't wait to tell you about the next party. Doug

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