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Hi guys, my name is Taniya. I am what you would call a Milf. I know what I like, I know what I want and I always get it!!.. I am 5 ft 6" tall with blue eyes and dark long hair. I am very horny and love lots of nipple-play. To tease them, to kiss them, to nibble on them.. my oh my that sends me wild. I love walks and naughty work outs, give me a call and get your lips around my hard nipples!!!



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Taniya’s Comments

For: Taniya 20 hours ago

Are you working online al fresco style just now T? Hope it aint too baltic incase you end up missing important deadlines or in your case "headlines" LOL

For: Taniya 1 week ago

How the f has Fife's no 1 naughty female managed to be available for a "chat" at exactly the same time as your besties are? Should you no be attempting to meet deadlines as suppose to making "headlines"? LOL

For: Taniya 1 week ago

Should you no be eyes down, arse in the air, getting ready for the various "deadlines" that you face Taniya? Time waits for no one he he he

For: Taniya 2 weeks ago

Hey Taniya. What type of Karaoke do you do hen, that doesnae involve singing? Or am I right in thinking, the answer is too fucking filthy to print? LOL A Cheeky Chappie

For: Taniya 2 weeks ago

Taniya well well well..... You are fucking amazing. Speak to you on Sunday for more fun. Love oli xxxx

For: Taniya 3 weeks ago

Do you ever do a f whole day's work at your "day job" Taniya? Or do you just spend it with your legs opened wide? LOL

For: Taniya 3 weeks ago

Is this work skivving day in the Kingdom of F---? LOL

For: Taniya 4 weeks ago

I miss you too Oli! I will be on waiting for your call hope to speak to you soon! Love Taniya 😘

For: Taniya 1 month ago

Hope your doing well gorgeous, I miss you. Love oli xxxxx

For: Taniya 2 months ago

I thought you would be eyes down arse up in the air doing your "full-time employment, prior to becoming a fucking slut LOL sometime after T tonight LOL

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