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Hi my name is Nicole and I am in my twenties. I am feeling very naughty right now and need someone to CUM and play with me. We can talk about anything you like, the naughtier the better. I love role play and dressing up, maybe I can be your naughty maid who loves to clean up a sticky mess, or maybe a nurse who will give you a bed bath with my pussy juices! Whatever you choose, I am waiting.



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Nicole’s Comments

For: Nicole 1 month ago

Lovely cum Nicole. You are so tidy taking it all in your mouth. When you are petite the mouth is always best. Love Steve. Hope to cum back for more fun.

For: Nicole 2 months ago

No better way to spend an evening than being bossed about & teased by Nicole, then allowed to cum over her pretty red toes. When she says so. And not before! Richard xxx👠👠 😘

For: Nicole 3 months ago

Richard, I am back and ready to tease and torment you. Nicole xxx

For: Nicole 3 months ago

My office is missing the bossy college girl Nicole to tease and torment me and my little erection🍆. It's always hard for you. Where have you gone? Richard 😘👠👠

For: Nicole 4 months ago

Hey Nicole - it was a bad line and I couldn't really hear you and then got cut off. I'm still stood in the corner, erect and awaiting my teasing and punishment from the BCC! Speak soon xxx Richard

For: Nicole 4 months ago

Princess Nicole putting me in the corner and teasing my erection whilst giggling and taking photos has taken it to the next level! Speak soon 😘👠👠 Richard xx

For: Nicole 5 months ago

Nicole - that was amazing being at your feet and worshipping your red painted toes. Such an honour for this old perv! I dropped the phone and cut myself off. Then I couldn't get through. Next time 😘 - Richard

For: Nicole 5 months ago

Richard, next time I'm going to make you suck my red painted toes. Bossy college girl x

For: Nicole 5 months ago

Nicole is such a bossy minx and always takes control, putting this old perv firmly in my place i.e. erect and down at her red painted toes. She loves tormenting and teasing me, all the while giggling away. Can't wait to cum for you again. Thx! Rich

For: Nicole 6 months ago

Nicole is both bossy and sexy in our role plays. She always makes me cum loads, knows exactly which of my buttons to press, teasing me all the way. Definitely one of the best. 😘👠👠 Richard xxx

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