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Hey there guys and girls! My name is Amber and I am a sexy 21 year old. I have waist length blonde hair, petite size 8, a peachy bum and big juicy boobs! I have a boyfriend who would love to join us if requested, can you handle double trouble? I want to fulfil your, desires, kinks and fetishes. So come on guys and girls, I am ready for action!



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Amber’s Comments

For: Amber 2 months ago

Hi Amber I'm sorry I miss u I have set a alert for when u r online next can not wait kris xxx

For: Amber 2 months ago

Hey Amber I wish for a threesome with you and ur boyfriend I would love us to fuck u may I ask if ur boyfriend is interested in guys or not fine if not Im just curious to know Tattoo Tom

For: Amber 2 months ago

Hi Amber my name is Martin and I would love to join you and your boyfriend for a threesome. The thought of that is making my cock throb. Would love us spit roast you. When are you line xxxx

For: Amber 2 months ago

Hi kris I hope to be online later, we look forward to joining you for a thresome later 💦😈

For: Amber 2 months ago

Hi Amber my name is kris I am a chef I would love to have a horny threesome with u and ur boyfriend I am 6 foot 8 inches tall hope u speak to u soon Luv Kris ❤️ ❣️

For: Amber 2 months ago

Hi horny fuckers thanks for the comments, I'm glad you all liked what you see and I'm glad those of you that have called have enjoyed what you hear 🙉, I will be online over the weekend I will post a message before going live ,so don't be shy come

For: Amber 2 months ago

You are so fucking hot. Best wank so far. Making me want to cum in my pants thinking about you. 10/10

For: Amber 2 months ago

hey newbie do you like to humiliate and degrade?

For: Amber 2 months ago

look at that view pic 6. i would love to slide my cock in slow and deep

For: Amber 2 months ago

sexy 21 year old pretty in pink x Johnny

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