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Hi, my name is Aries, and although I am named after the Greek God of War, I can assure you I am definitely a lover not a fighter. I am 35 years old, 5 FT 9" with dark hair and dark eyes and 34D and the biggest dark brown nipples you have ever seen, I have an appetite for filth so I hope you have a taste for adventure, call me now on 7079.



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Aries’s Comments

For: Aries 1 month ago

HI Hun we had some great chats still think of you no sex but good talk lots of love les i am seeing someone now take care Hun xx

For: Aries 3 months ago

HI Aries you sexy bitch when are you going to let me fuck you and that great body of yours i want you hun you are so very sexy you bitch lots of love LES

For: Aries 3 months ago

HI Aries you sexy honey fucking bitch i want you .your fucking arse is great. Nice to talk to you.

For: Aries 5 months ago

Hairy cunt yum yum 😋

For: Aries 7 months ago

Hi Aires I'll be calling you Saturday 16 December I'll expect you in suspenders and we will have a nice long chat you're voice was soft and gentle my cock was anything but I'll Finnish for a titwank

For: Aries 7 months ago

Really enjoyed talking to you

For: Aries 7 months ago

Wonderfully imaginative, in a wonderfully filthy way...

For: Aries 8 months ago

Unforgettable woman. S x

For: Aries 9 months ago

Ares. Not Aries

For: Aries 9 months ago

Hello Sasha i still like your hairy cunt

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