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Hi boys, my names Suzie. I'm 5ft 6" with long blonde hair. My measurements are 36-24-36. I like wearing short skirts and stockings. If you run your hands up between my legs you will find I don't wear panties. My speciality is pleasing men. I'm your fantasy waiting to be fucked come and get me boys.

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Suzie’s Comments

For: Suzie 1 day ago

You never fail In draining my balls ! signed ?

For: Suzie 2 days ago

SUZIE, Did you know that 15th of May was National stocking day ? So I do hope you were embracing National stocking day by wearing a sexy pair of stockings. Mr B.

For: Suzie 4 days ago

Sweetheart you may have magnificent boobs!

For: Suzie 5 days ago

All because that day she forgot to put on a pair of knickers. But the boy`s didn`t mind, they saw more that day than they had ever hoped to see ! From that day on she became known as " SUZIE NO KNICKERS " ( 2 of 2 )

For: Suzie 5 days ago

Suzie, you once told me you never read messages now you're reading and sending them. Need you, want you love you. 9 was always our time Tony, 😘😘😘

For: Suzie 1 week ago

Whoever said I have magnificent boobs , thank-you . xx Suzie xx

For: Suzie 1 week ago

You have magnificent boobs

For: Suzie 1 week ago

Yes David it was blazing xx Suzie xx

For: Suzie 1 week ago

Thank-you my loving rascal xx Suzie xx

For: Suzie 1 week ago

Hiya . Lovely chat with you and also hot fuck on the sofa David x

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