Angel (PIN: 1927) - offline

Hi everyone I'm Angel. I'm a curvy brunette who is addicted to tattoos. I may sound sweet and innocent like the girl next door, but I do have a very naughty side. I am happy to talk about anything and everything so hopefully I will be speaking to you all soon.



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Angel’s Comments

For: Angel 1 day ago

Morning Angel here lm not going to be around this weekend going away for a few days but will look forward to lots of fun next weekend 😊 love Angel ❤️

For: Angel 1 week ago

Wish I had been one of the workmen in your house. I'd have picked up the knickers and used them to pull my foreskin up and down in front of you to reveal my big purple knob xxx

For: Angel 1 week ago

Hiya my Manchester man James l also enjoyed pleasing you with our role play and will look forward to some more love Angel 😇 ❤️

For: Angel 1 week ago

Hi Angel it your Manchester man James ❤️❤️❤️❤️ that was the most beautiful role play

For: Angel 1 week ago

Hiya everyone Angel 😇 here thought I'd share how naughty l am l have work men in my house and have went for a bath left door open and have left my dirty knickers lying around for them to sniff and maybe wank in exciting l will be on tonight Thursd

For: Angel 1 week ago

Hiya l love wanking your foreskin and making you spunk allover my legs and knickers love ❤️ Angel x look forward to next time x

For: Angel 2 weeks ago

Hiya Andy L was lovely talking to you at weekend and enjoying each other definitely going to try a slippery nipple 😀 love Your Scottish Angel 😇 x

For: Angel 2 weeks ago

Hiya Steve thanks enjoyed you fucking me look forward to you fucking me again soon love ANGEL 😇 ❤️

For: Angel 2 weeks ago

Muhammad what happened was waiting for you to phone me back 😒 hopefully l didn't upset you being the bitch you asked me to be love your Scottish Angel x

For: Angel 2 weeks ago

Loved it again today. You wankin my foreskin till I spunked on your legs and knickers xxx

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