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Hi there, my name is Vanessa and I'm a very leggy 5'9" big busted blonde with sparkling blue eyes and a cute, tight little arse made especially for you to squeeze into. I'm a professional horse trainer and love riding bareback outdoors. Would you like to come and play with me in my stable, because this young filly needs to be broken in with lots of exercise"¦ and if I don't do as I'm told, you may have to spank me"¦

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Vanessa’s Comments

For: Vanessa 1 year ago

Hi baby, I keep seeming to miss you into the day. I’m around later at night and very early morning. What times do you usually come on UK time? I’m desperate to cum for you again!

For: Vanessa 1 day ago

Brad. I hope your back gets better soon ... or I might need to rub it. All my love Vanessa xx

For: Vanessa 1 day ago

Vanessa. Whats with the messages with no name attached? Phil x

For: Vanessa 1 day ago

Peter. Dont worry ... what you need is a little push and I know just the girl to do All my love Vanessa xx

For: Vanessa 1 day ago

Mike. You have raised the bar.....some will never reach such dizzy heights. All my love Vanessa xx

For: Vanessa 1 day ago

Richard. I have saved your bacon......others are not so lucky. All my love Vanessa xx

For: Vanessa 2 days ago

Hope your barn is not too slippery, as we would not want you to fall on your arse LOL unless there were loads of flashing cameras about he he he

For: Vanessa 6 days ago

Hope your farm has heated hay for all who need to have a kip

For: Vanessa 6 days ago

In the run up to chrimbo, try and cut out those takeaway meals unless you are ordering vindaloos that is LOL

For: Vanessa 6 days ago

James. I hope you are keeping warm and cosy this morning in that big barn of yours. If not give me a call .... I can warm you up. All my love Vanessa xx

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